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 Post subject: Teen to Clean Portable Clean Room
PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:59 pm 
Home Time Management: How to Get Your Teen to Clean Portable Clean Room
Get this room cleaned today!

This is probably one of the most oft-repeated phrases in the world today. Having raised four children, I know it's been said in my house thousands of times over the past decades. It can wreak havoc with your home time management plan because even though the rest of the house stayed pretty decent... many would even say they couldn't tell four children live there... their rooms, on the other hand, we often struggled over.

Through the years, however, I've come to realize that there might actually be a better way. Don't get me wrong, what I wanted done eventually got done, but by the time I got around to saying something I was already pretty fed up. That doesn't really lead to any functional conversations between parents and teens.

If you've ever argued with a teen over how their room looks you'll realize several things:

1.) Things can get heated pretty darn quick... because...

2.) Teens seem to think it's their space and they should be able to keep it any 'ole way they want... and...

3.) In some ways they do have a point... but...

4.) This latest battle is just another duty of our job as a parent which is to steer them toward more acceptable ways of living. This particular part of our job started with toddler struggles-e.g., with discouraging them from eating dirt or picking their nose-things we consider socially inappropriate but which they see no problem. Clean rooms are simply one of the teen struggles... so...

5.) As long as you both realize this is nothing personal-it's just business as normal in a household with a teen-you can move past this stage-as you hopefully did the eating dirt and boogers one. You can do that by...

6.) Making your teen want to clean her room.

Yes, those are powerful words. Yes, it is doable. And yes, I'm going to China Clean Room you how.

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